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Works Everywhere

Decentralized messenger with p2p, blockchain & IPFS.

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HD Video calls

Get started with Chateum messenger and use our crystal-clear video calling.

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Voice Conferences

Make free group calls and video chats with Chateum messenger.

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Private Messaging

Chateum messenger uses the peer-to-peer protocol and end-to-end encryption.

Join the industry leaders, we accept token payments.

The ICO usually takes place before the project is completed, and helps fund the expenses undertaken by the founding team until launch.

Crowdsale Begins at:

80,000 CHTM 230,000 CHTM

Join the industry leaders, we accept token payments.

The ICO usually takes place before the project is completed, and helps fund the expenses undertaken by the founding team until launch.


Communicate with voice/video calls, one to one or conference mode with 3 people. Share your screen feature included.


Advance chat with offline message, online presence indicator, push notification, location sharing, send picture/audio/video/files, create group chat, and manage history.


Manage a mini timeline blog, upload a picture and write down a small article to save memorable moments, share them with your family and friends.

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Each user can enable geolocation in settings, to become visible for others. Share real-time location details to guide others to reach you.

Safe trip

Enable this feature when you are travelling, your road trip location will be saved every 5 minutes and send to a chosen user/group for safety sake.

Real time Map

See everything on chateum interactive map, your friends, nearby people, merchants that accept eth, as well as points of interest!

Chateum Technology

Our Android & iOS instant chat application is based on strong and time tested technologies. Soon you will be able to discover our API to add your services on chateum interactive map! You will need to have CHTM token in order to get our API.

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Chateum Smart Wallet

Chateum messenger provides the payment system for storage, exchange and management of financial assets in fiat and crypto-currencies, identity verification, rating system, as well as, the ability to participate in credit and loyalty programs. The platform enables customers to quickly find the provider of the desired service, and for suppliers it enables to receive additional customers.

Your data is under secure protection, the app uses our own protocol. All traffic is encrypted with Diffie-Hellman algorithms and AES Advanced Encryption Standard using SHA (Secure Hash Algorithm) hash functions. Correspondence is encrypted with the RSA-2048 algorithm.

Chateum messenger is the ideal communications platform for working professionals, with its end-to-end encryption on multiple endpoints, robust privacy policies and enterprise-grade features.

Funds Allocation

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Token Distribution

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Powered by Blockchain

We are pleased to introduce the most complete and advance instant messaging app powered by an Ethereum blockchain-based. Transfer your ETH from MEW (or any ERC-20 wallet) to your chateum e-wallet and send money among the community members, including our registered merchants.


CHTM are utility tokens, they aim to be used only for the Chateum API. You may buy CHTM tokens during our Token Sale or later when we are listed on an exchange.


Easily transfer ETH from your ERC-20 Wallet to store them on chateum app. Check the ETH value against USD and EUR.


Use your ETH to exchange for goods and services within our registered merchants network which include hotels, restaurants and local shops everywhere!

Ethereum network

Chateum is powered by the Ethereum network. Very reliable, secure and fastest growing blockchain platform.

Frequently asked questions

What is chateum?

Chateum is an instant messaging/social app with blockchain technology (it will be available from v4), we aim to offer a utility token to be used for our chateum API. Our objective is to join the top 5 along with wechat, snapchat and whatsapp with respect to popularity and number of users.

The chateum API has been developed to connect external partners/services to chateum app. Potential partners will need to buy our API with CHTM token in order to integrate their services to the chateum interactive map. Partners will have to buy CHTM tokens on exchanges where chateum is listed. The API price tag will be determined by the chateum team and depending on different factors such as : app populary/number of users.

CHTM tokens are utility tokens tied to the chateum API. They aim to be used by eventual partners that wish to connect/add their services into our interactive map. Partners will have to buy CHTM tokens to have access in order to download and activate our API.

CHTM tokens can be purchased during our token sale, if you missed it, you would have to buy them on an exchange. The name of the exchange will be communicated at a later date.

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Technology we use

gihub javascript reactjs ruby

Contact With Us

If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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    180 Argyle St, attn 17/f3, Ho Man Tin, Hong Kong

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    +1 (877) 6907639

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